Slicks been here helping. Im so thankful he is here. I couldn't have done this on my own. Slick, myself, and my sister Nancy ( who will be here to for the party ) are fixing this place up nicely. We have the land, but now were making it the perfect party place. Two large fire pits with seating and tiki torches. The pics don't do this place justice. Some of the pics are us just having a good time. Slick was only here a week when he made the news paper, but for good reasons.




2013 Mother Humper's Old Fuckers Reunion
September 13, 14, 15  2013



Goin' Shootin'

 RT's Party

Sorry for the links. Having trouble with YouTube. Unable to embed the videos.

Dirty Dozen MC (ret)
Phoenix Underground Racing
and Arizona Friends

Narley, Bob, and Bull

Tim's 30 yr old poster - art by Chopper             






















Here's some photos from Jadea, Prittie, and Harmony