The people who attacked us claim to be the religion of peace.
The truth is they are neither peaceful nor a religion.
The cult of Muhammad (Islam) is a band of dangerous fools.
They believe 72 virgins await them in Paradise.
Have they stopped to consider that 72 virgins is
 not even a 3 months supply ?
    And they have to make them last for eternity ?
Why do they believe murderous acts against humanity
will land them in Paradise and not in Hell ?
Like I said,  fools.

The heroes who rushed into the flaming towers to rescue
those innocents trapped inside needed no promise of
virgins, medals, or rewards.  They knew only that other
people were in grave danger and they could help.
Most KNEW they would probably die that day.

We must fight against Islamic insanity any way we can.


Fox News coverage of September 11, 2001
These images have been all but forgotten by the mainstream news media. I haven't seen them played once in the last ten years.  This video serves to keep our thoughts focused and our memories clear.  I will leave this page up for as long as the Fox link remains active.