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Message: I opened this page & the tears just came rolling...My father was a friend/affiliate of DDMC for many, many years. He had no sons but he did have 4 daughters. Pretty sure that blew his mind when he had all these little girls running around, giggling, back in the 70's! Of course, he blew our minds because he was a big 'ol loud giant! He was fearless though & if something was going on the kids could be at, he brought all of us (without mom)! As a result, I felt like I belonged to the biggest, strongest family in the whole world! That's where my favorite memories come from. I had so many uncles because my dad had so many that bothered to call him brother. I want to say thank you here because my sisters & I got to grow up in absolute safety, afraid of nothing outside, my uncles made sure of it! It was a time when 'family' and 'brother' carried a great deal of weight & I understood. It does make me sad that I was so young & names have slipped my memory. Funny, though, I would look at a face in one of your pictures & just start to heart knows they're here. I hope it's ok that I consider myself like a daughter, a child, of the Dozen. I really do. It was the greatest family I ever knew.


Hey Jen,
His name was Allen Henry but he went by Hank or Henry. He raced sand rails off-road & spent a lot of time working at Kelly's Garage down by 35th & Van Buren. His main specialty was turning VW's into Baja's. Sound familiar at all?

Subject: Uncle
From: " "
Private question to ask but have been told that My uncle was a early member of the Dirty Dozen club in Arizona. His name is Mac Holloway. Just want to know if true and if you may have known him.
Most of his brothers have passed away now, so no one close that could confirm this as fact.  Hope this question is okay to ask
William H

 NICE! site! ...hell to get old ..aint it!!
Trip.. Hangmen MC

Sure is.

Message: Welcome back home on road

Message: Parker, 1980, Easter Run.  Does anyone know the prospect's name out of Globe/Miami (Goldie) or have any photos?
Big Tom Hose

 As I sit here after the recital and all we parents can breath, as we/I know longer have to play nice, as I remind Magoo of OUR most Real family EVER, other than sending MUCH respect to the man who started this all, I need to send MUch Love, Respect and gratitude to the men who may or may not been in my life, (that c.r.s) thank you, What A Grand time it may have been! Aso with respect to ya'll and yours, HAPPY FATHERS DAY, and GODS SPEED!
Hey Big Tom, 66 was a Fun, Long , and yes Hard road!
Love and Respect, Kim

Does anyone remember Jeff Cook? went by the Troll. Was not member to my knowledge. He was murdered in 1990 in Scottsdale. any information or old stories please call me. I am his youngest son. Bryce Cook
602 206 3795.
I live in Payson
Bryce Cook

Name: Joseph Short
 I was wondering if anyone from the late 80's to early 90's knew my father james rosier aka cowboy, or my uncles mike and al. i was just a young kid but i remember some of the guys attending al's funeral back in the mid 90's. my dad has only told me he was a part of it but i was never able to get more info. hit me up if anyone knows anything.


Hi Qball
I just found out about this site from a old brother great job on it, hey what happened to stoker dave in mesa ? I was a member 91-94 I have some pictures I'll have to find again I think I have some pictures of Eric Trolls son from a run he was on before he got killed? if I can figure out a way to scan the pictures I'll send them to you when I get the chance
Great job on the site I put in a donation for it.
Brian Debowey

Thanks again for your donation Brian.

Hay those new pages are to cool. Pappy would be so proud. How I wish I live back in AZ. I want to send you this group pictures I have of 94&95 Memorial Day Runs. I live in back woods IN. and cannot find a big scanner. So if you have a P O Box I can send you. Does this mean we can fly our colors?
Message: had alot of laughs at party, best one this year was Frank getting a new nick name SCOOPER !

Hey QBall
I just wanted to let you know that i donated to the website again--and i am gonna try to donate every month It is really great to see all the pictures and brings back such good memories. anyway--i got in touch with Hose and i hope you or him got my message to norton. i have tried several times throughout the years to get in touch with them and your website did it for me!!! sooo keep it going!!! i have quite a few pictures that i want to send to you but i really dont know how to do it so im gonna get somebody to help me!! I saw on the website once that you can buy t-shirts but the last few times i looked i couldnt find it--so i dont know if im missing it or just a dumb ass but let me know if i can get one and how to do it!!! Thanks and best of luck to ya!! How was the reunion?? Maybe the next one I will get to be there!!!
Jackie Nichols

Thanks again Jackie.  Love ya.

Name: Billy Huddler
Message: I was wondering if you could refresh my memory on when Pappy passed. Thank you,Billy HuddlerR.I.P. PAPPY !!!!


Message: Just told about this site today. It brings back memories of the 80s. I didn't ride with you guys but I did know some of you. Q Ball you painted my frame over in the compound. Me and my ole lady Shiela stayed with Lawyer Chuck for a short time and I rode up with Panhead Wally (said he was ex dozen I really dont know) up to Garys place in Sedona for a party in the early 80s . All I can remember is Gary ate raw beef and drank Goats milk and Somebody spray painted his bike when he wasn't looking. Anyway I made a donation to you for this site and I really wish the 80s were back. Too many posers now.
Butch  PS: If you Chuck or Wally read this I hope you email me.

I do remember, and Wally was a member. Hadn't thought about him for years. Thanks for jogging my old memory, and thanks too for the donation. Those were some good days.  I've tried to locate Chuck, but no luck yet. I'd like to see him again too. If you find him tell him to email me.

Message: R.I.P. Pappy and L J...Miss you guys. L&R to D D of Arizona...The only Club of Righteous Brothers I've ever known, or will know

Message: Really tried to get home, not much else to say, 'cept I hope all had the Grandest ofa time and did it in and with true Dozen style! ODAD


Charles Rountree
Terrance Boulger
Charles Martin
John Forsyth
Janet Vale
Camile Severson
Paul Krech
Brian Debowey
Margaret Olson
Oron Zimmerman
Lori Dingley
Steven Martinez
Kimberly Faircloth
Jay Brown
Fred Fields
Eric Scott
Marie Helm
Michael Strunk
Meghan Hajnal
Keith 'Bear' Haynes

Bob & John Forsyth
Rick Yeakey
Breanna Scott
Jackie Nichols
Blooming Ebay Sales
Dawn Colt


The Wild Child
I am looking for information on Gary Wahl for my brother Marc Clark.
If anyone knows his whereabouts would you please forward it to me.
Thank you,
Patti Cavinee

Patti, Haven't seen him or his brother for 30 years but maybe someone else has. QB

Hey Rick in Payson
Thanks for your generous donation to the website.

Hey man I saw guys with Dirty Dozen patches riding around in apache juncion. them dice without spider webs

Is that you or somebody else.
don't show my email pleeze
Jerry M

Jerry,  I asked around. That's not us or anybody we know, but thanks.


Name: Paul Rock

 I hadda go to Netflix to watch "Angel Unchained" just to get that old time feeling again. L/H/R my brothers.   Paulie.

   Fear is just excitement in need of an attitude

Dave C.
Message: Just wanted to say that's a good pic of Mailman and Patty. I wish that I had more of him, anyway I just wanted to say that I love and miss you pop!

John Knilans
 I saw that Haboo died last year. I'm wondering if Woody and/or Ride Off are still around. If so, Id sure like to hear from them. I left PHX in 1975 to seek my fame and fortune. Never quite got there.

Name: becs/ aka Ma Barker
Message: Yesterday marked 25 years Zip, we think of you and wish you were still here. I have thought of how much I appreciate, (now) the life lessons you really taught me. True sometimes your delivery wasn't the easiest to handle and left me sometimes wanting to smack you with a cast iron skillet, but I have used those lessons as I step into my later age & man, how the fuck did you ever put up with my dumb ass for so long? Larry is doing fabulous and so looks like you, damn it. He is strong, successful and finishing college. I am lonely, hard to live with and have figured it out...Fuck em and stay strong. ride on baby, Rebecca

Message: THANK YOU

Message: Ok, Heres The Real Deal,  There hasn't been a moment in my Life, when I hav'nt been able to pack up (or not), ride, thumb or whatever to get home when I thought thats  where I should be.  Till know.  and It Fucking Hurts!  Till then, Love , Respect and Strength, 

Name: bonbon
Message: waht may be a feed store  theft way back in the early 70's that may ahve to do with more than just waht two little girls from utah took from that shelf. may have to do with what may expire this yr . and
Gee... Thanks for that insight.

Message: im trying to speak to margo a wife of one of the members i need to speak to her its very very IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!! can someone please have her contact me threw my email thank you

Name: amazing
Message: Wow.  Fun to find. Mesa Duz circa 90-94, still have you all in my heart. I'd came over to the compound, arms up, yelling "Don't Shoot! Don't Shoot!" Still cracks me up.  See everyone's face so clear, but most names are mist. Orange...if he's still there, tell him Amazing never lied. Noon Til Three thing. Lonnie, Paul, Custom,92 prison run...too much fun to quantify.  Everyone there, I always felt the love coming back. I warned my favorite homies I'd be praying for them, and still do. So that little thing you think sits on your shoulder, sometimes, just might be.:)

Message: Hi Tom C. (Hose Nose)
Deni  (Little Girl)

Message: i would like to no how mailman dennis doing? love finnie miss you lots after 26 yrs
lorrene b

Sorry to say, Dennis passed in 2008. His obit is posted in the obituary section.

Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Message: Hey bros let me know whats coming up next i miss the park deal thanks lol
Hi QBall,

My name is Sunny and I was around as Maddogs ol Lady, 1977-1979. I have about 10 pics if you would like, I'll getum scanned, I even have a courtsey card! I'm back in Phoenix for good now. Email or give me a call. Fuck! do I miss Monkey! He was one of my best friends!

Hey Qball,
Good job on the site. I have not scanned all the pics I have but I'm gong to take them in and just have them all put onto a disk. I'll get on it. Take Care and Beware.
Insane Jane
P.S. I'm attaching an old pic of Myran,,


  Great site!! I send a few e-mails out looking for "Moose" and/or Mark. Miss the 70's (Cottonwood)!! Sorry, I did not think to clarify in my e-mail that my contact info. may be passed along, (left out my phone # but will supply it if requested) - No way do I think anyone would ever pass on anyone else's contact info. to someone they don't even know...MUCH RESPECT,
Marie A/K/A "Rie"

Thanks Rie,
Hopefully, someone will pass your email along. Thanks, too,for your donation to the website.

I knew Moose too and I have been trying to find him for quite awhile now... I don't even know if he is still alive. I heard he is H.A. now, but really I have no clue. From what little I have been to H.A. events, I haven't seen him, but so many years have passed I might not even know him if I did, but I THINK I'd recognize him anywhere! . My GF's and I used to hang out with him, J.P. and Mark in the 70's. I remember like it was yesterday, J.P. was killed riding back from Sedona late one night, we were really close and I was at the funeral (I'd just found out that I was pregnant then) ... SO SAD...

 Anyway, do you ever hear from Moose or Mark- (Sorry I do not know a nickname for Mark, I am pretty sure his last name was McClure though)? I met Moose's wife Nancy a few times too, but it was just a short hi and bye. I'd love to see them again and catch up on old times. We had a lot of GOOD times!
 I live in Phoenix now. Take care, and please know that I send this with all due respect and appreciate your reply if you would please be so kind.
aka "Rie"

Here...  have a toke.
This is the good shit.

Message: i truely enjoyed looking at the website. i started crying so many are gone. billy burr was my old man back in the early 70's. then a few years down the road i married cuntree. thanks for the flashback...
jeanie henault

Name: Rings Mesa
Message: What an honor it was to ride with men of integrity and balls like fucking goats. When someone told you something, you always knew it to be true. I live in Indiana now. I would love to come back to Arizona and ride with these men of true grit. I was truly the last one to ride with Pappy and YoYo because they were strapped across my handle bars....I got pulled over and the cops found no humor in my speeding because I had Pappy and YoYo strapped across my handle bars and they were making me late for their memorial and final resting spot. I miss all of you and hope to see you in the near future..  Rings...

jodey eliseo
Message: Hi All....Jodey Eliseo (aka tinydancer) here.. Been a long time...but you all have always been in my heart.I was saddened to see all the familiar names in the obituraries :( ...godspeed to all of them. Obviously, for those who knew and might still remember me, seeing Goody's name was especially thoughts and blessings go out to him, his family, and all who loved him. My life as a ballet dancer has taken me around the world and back a few times now but... these can find me in Ocala, Florida Kerala, India with my beloved elephants...and yes...I realize how crazy that sounds lol ...At any rate, if I get in a rescued, bull, elephant,...his name will be "Goody" BTW, any who do remember and want to say hi...please get in touch....been way too long. Brightest Blessings, Jodey



Name: tic
Message: Bear  From late 60s' early 70s'.  Contact me. Need to ask you important question.  We didn't fuck around then.  Tic

Name: Kim
Email: WenKi2@hotmail
Message: Miss you Wino
"BROTHERHOOD, its a Keeper"
RIP Wino

Thanks Kim and thanks for your donation.

Name: Mikey
Message: Damn. Back in 76/77 my band played for you guys outside of Prescott at the "boulders/driftwood." Down Home band with Tommy Waterfield, Tim West, and Big Jim. Played till after 3:30 in the morning. You guys really took care of us that night and I never got the chance to thank you so, THANK YOU, DIRTY DOZEN, for that. Mikey the Drummer.


Barney Frank's Retirement Plan... His ass will explain it to you.
Name: Scott Stacey
 As I'm writing this I'm remembering when Haboo used to bounce me up and down on his wooden leg and we would laugh and laugh till I pissed my pants, and we'd laugh some more. That was back in 69-70. Back then all I wanted to be when I grew up was Dirty Dozen. I'm 47 now and everyday I still wish it could happen. Man, reading this page has got me all teary eyed. Oh, by the way my name is Scotty and I'm Greasy's son. Hey Melody! Mom saw the pic of you and Sonny and cried and said she missed you. Does anyone know whatever happened to Fat Al's kid Matt or Billy Jr., Burr's kid? We were pretty tight as kids. Anyways, this sight is awesome! L&R.
T.J. Omalley
 I grew up in Camp Verde AZ, I remember some members of the Dozen had a gas station in town, my mom was friends with them, Moose, Harpo, Turk,, these so called "outlaws" were very good to my family, when our house burned when I was 8 they (besides the fire dept) were the first ones there, gave my mom 1000 dollars, which in the 70's was ALOT of money, the drove us to Prescott AZ to see my dad who was locked up at the time, my very first ride on a harley was from Turk, a guy who never said much, I for one miss them days, the guys were not the "outlaws" that the fuzz said they were, I am not really into the whole biker club thing but if I was and I could join a club it would most definitely be the Dirty Dozen MC, if any one knows how to get into contact with Harpo, Turk, please tell them thanks for what they did for me and my family,

T.J. Omalley

 Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I spent a lot of years with this club! Great pic of me & my ex Sonny in the portrait section! so sorry to hear about all the brothers that have passed on!!

I remember you Melody. Really nice to hear from you. Hope you're doing well.

Name: KimBA
Message: This was such a beautiful, way to start this day! Nice to send ALL my Love, Respect and Support to the Men who made me the , Glad to be me, Bitch that I AM! and the, One Man, that made me the "Once Dozen, Always Dozen" Bitch that I Am.
Kimba Frickin  great Addition.

Donation from Stevie and Camile! Keep up the great work Qball & Ed Thank you for all your hard work brothers. See you the third weekend in May at Camp Haboo!!!

Stevie Martinez

Thanks for your generous donation Stevie. Nice talkin to ya on the phone this evening. See ya at the party.

Name: Mary
Message: looked and looked for my uncle.  he was one of the first members.  but did see Caveman and family story goes that he had a thing for my mom back in the day.  My uncle's name is Calvin Stiers.. I'll have to ask him what was his nickname.  Let me know if you remember him.


Not DD, but I know real bikers and real bikes when I see them. This site is a blast. The real deal.
Fred Fields

Thanks Fred, and thanks for the donation. Your support is appreciated.



Name: Lori.. aka "INGA "

  Just happened to come by this site messing around on Google the other day. Classic pics and stories, I must say.  I showed it to the old man "BUMPER". Anyone remember BUMP ??
 I know Bumper has a shit load of pics in a box somewhere......maybe we can get some to ya in the near future. Glaze was his sponsor. Bumper is doing well, he is on dialysis now..3 days a week and his vision ain't so good, but other than that...he's the same ole' Bumper.
There is a couple of pics of him on your site. He's a lifetime member and yes, he still has his bike... Grumpys old bike. We got 22 years together now, and our daughter Kendra is in college. Time sure does fly....we had fun looking at the pics last nite and trying to remember names. That was all before we got together, but I could pick out some Emo, Rusty, Gumby, Chico, Sonny, etc..
Anyways, we enjoyed the site and I will encourage him to say "hello". Later...Lori
   I want to know what happen to "Red Rusty" how did he die?  I was with him during the good years, Woody, Big Al, etc,  When I saw this website I just about died, I always thought he would live for ever. We were together for 4 years, but I see only pictures of him and Patty and the picture you have of him has me cut off.  He begged me to come back and even came and got me.  I just never thought he would ever leave this life ever, he even came and tried to drag me home! What a Man there will never be another one like him!

Name: Gordon Flick
I don't see nothin of Moose and/or Duke or Cosmic Choppers ... Wsup? Maybe some pics from Prescott and Whiskey Row ...

I was way too busy partyin to take pictures on Whiskey Row.  Stay tuned and keep checking the New Photos page. Lots of new stuff comin soon.


Hey there, QBall, it's Lou from down in Tucson. Love what you've done with the site. Keeps getting better
every time I check it out. Have a good one, say "Hi!" to Ed, like the car!
Thx Again, Lou

Sure makes my brain work trying to remember names and places the different pic's are taken at. Was at quite a few of them thru those yr's. Thanks for the Memories!

Thanks Lou, and also for the feedback.


Name: Bob

Message: GREAT to find DDMC!! Does anyone remember when the Dirty Dozen was a BRAND NEW club?  Back in Nov 1971, I was in a band with Michael Brown, Terry Daun, and John McKibben. We set up and played at the OLD Tempe Beach Park and Papago Park all the time. One Sunday, we were at Papago playing when I heard the sweet rumble of multiple Harleys approaching. Turned out to be a brand new local bike club known as "The Dirty Dozen". After our performance was done for the day, You all liked our sound so much that we (three 15 year olds and John, who played bass and sang, was 18) were invited to play at your new years eve party coming up. Will send pictures of us from back then when we were playing at Papago Park


Hi Dirty Dozen MC-
These pics take everything back to about November 1971. My band played out at Papago Park at the different ramadas all the time. One Sunday, we were playing when you guys, the DD, a new club rode up a listened to us jam the whole afternoon. Then you guys invited us to play at your new years eve party coming up.
Thanks for the good times!!

Name: Veruca

Message: Kudos! What a neat way of thinking about it.

Thanx for the photos Bob

Me neither !


Remember these stickers ?


Name: Mesa Ed
Message: To Trista;

As my Brother Q-Ball has said, this website is in a very early and transitional stage. We have just recently moved it to its permanent home at DirtyDozenMC.Com. We are trying to gather pictures, newspaper articles, video, and of course personal comments. The Club existed from the Late-Sixties through the Mid-Nineties. (Officially). The number of brothers that came and went during that time is substantial. There are however, many that came and did not go. We have spent the last five years, or so, pulling that group back together. It is through the work and memories of all these people, that we hope to create a site that will honor the lives of all Dirty Dozen Members and Associates that lived the life, and either left with their honor intact or, are still being the only thing they can be; Dirty Dozen. As for HOOVER!!! Hoover was an absolute Character. He was a close Brother of mine. We spent many days and nights in continuous CHAOS in his machine shop. Somehow, after enough trial and error, there would always be a compilation of perfect; “One Off” machined parts that would make my bike, or his, the Stand Outs. Anyway, Hoover is certainly not alone at this point. There are many fallen brothers that are not yet listed or properly remembered. It is going to take the work of all our remaining brothers to put this thing together. Please be assured that as long as I am still breathing, and as long as Q-Ball is doing the same, then that mission will be fulfilled.
Thanks, Mesa Ed

Amen!  QBall

Name: Insane Jane
Message: Those were good fucking times.. I have a lot of photos from the day if you would like me to share. I'm sitting here wearing a 2nd annual Florence Prison Run Shirt... Wow, it will never be the same. I was one of your biggest supporters. Got 86'ed alot but just couldn't help having fun. Gerbils for gods sake. That was so funny. IFFI

Love to have your photos. If they are digital please attach them to email.  Send to:


Why is there no mention of Hoover? He was A Dirty Dozen President as well as A Hells Angel Cave Creek charter president & yet no mention, no pictures nothing. Why is that?
Thanks for your time,

Hi Trista,
This website began a year ago as a way of sharing my photo albums with others.  I took nearly all these pictures myself, and I retired from the club in 1984.  Since this site started a few other people have contributed some photos, but there are a few Brothers who joined after I retired and I have no pictures of them. Some I haven't even met.   I would welcome any photos that anyone would like to contribute to these pages.  Does anyone out there have  photos to share ?

You can attach photos to an email addressed to:

Name: chuck martin
Message: rode with lame dennis over summer, brought back old times. will send update on brothers gone soon.

Thanks Chuck,
Great to hear from you.  Hope we can get together at some upcoming event.  (New Years maybe ?)

jim schofield
Message: thx for the memories and the work involved in putting this together

Name: Lou
Message: Will be up from Tucson on the 21st of May for Haboo!

Name: Iceman/Warlocks MC

Message: Friend of Pappy/William Carroll DDMC.  I am probably the last person to ride with Pappy before his passing. Pappy was a true brother till the end. The man feared no one. He road cross country from AZ to SC three times, in failing health, towards the end of his life. He will always be remembered and respected. For anyone who was at Pappys memorial service, I was the Warlock from the east coast that gave the eulogy and spoke for Pappy that day out in New River. Good luck to all of the Dirty Dozen that are still out there.  Love & Respect Dana/Iceman 

Message: If you guys see Paul Dubois at the reunion, please let him know I am thinking of him and let us know he's all right. Thanks, Jackie & Ken

Howdy folks
im trying to reach a very old friend (Flounder) we were very close and had  to leave AZ. back in the early90z Flounder and me were close friends before the patch  i was there on his prospect run to hanagon medows i think late 80z early 90z  its been hard to track him down after all these yrs    any help  would be good    im 150% sure he would want to hear from me   im also sure the person that brought my name to him would be a huge smile with that silver tooth
Eddie Gold Spokes 847-863-4207

i just write you about a friend of mine Flounder  i was looking through your website and i see Rusty passed  DAMN  i remember Rusty well  he sponcered Flounder

im at a loss for words    i just feel sad for the clubs loss

Thanks for your post and thanks for your donation to the website.  QBall

Hi Qball,
Haboo's mother-in-law here.
 Had to push the "red" button just because, just because I had to be sure I wouldn't miss something maybe.
 My husband Ken met some of you all over the 20 years we were married and he passed away 50 days and 12 hours before Haboo.
Just wanted to let you know that what you have put together is absolutely fantastic.  It is such a tribute to a way of life that taught a bunch of people to be human and care for their fellow man.  Nothing will ever replace the DDMCAZ.
Thank you for all your hard work in getting the site together.
 Camile's Mom - Donna Goodison

Name: Donna
Message: Sure miss my sparing partner and son-in-law Haboo. You all paid such a great tribute to Haboo and I am certainly proud that he was so devoted to not only his family but to all Veterans and the DDMC. Will try to make next May to say "Hi" to everyone.

Name: Brittany Raffel
Nickname: Breeze
Given_name: Terry James Raffel;
Obituary_text: This is to my daddy.. I love you with all my heart and soul.. Now you are free to ride like the cool Breeze.. Nothing can ever stop that now .. Iknow you are truely happy with the wind in your face.. I always be your Scooter Brat.. I love you daddy..Love always Brittany aka Bink


I was an old aquantance / friend of Haboo's back in the early 80's. He had a lot to do with saving me from self destruction, and although my time with him was very short in the whole of things David has always been in my heart. the lessons on how to hold my head high and the courage to be myself regardless of anyones opinions of me he given me the strength to over come many of the obsticals that have been thrown in my way. to this day David " Haboo " Severson is my strength my I can fight this persona ...

what I am getting at in a long about way , and fighting past each tear as I wright, if there are any pictures of him around in anyones scrap books could you or would you please e-mail me one, although I recall him squeezing in my Mustang and complaing there isnt enough room for a fly, and I remember rideing to Payson with him and Harry when they were checking out the Oxbow and they are vivid memories I miss his Smile.

Laura AKA Low Miliage

For Laura AKA Low Mileage: Hi I was Haboos wife for 28 years and I Thank God every day for the time we had together and still sit out and drink my coffee on my porch every morning (which was our quiet time) asking why the FFFFF he had to leave me so suddenly. I MISS HIM SO MUCH AND MY LIFE IS NOT THE SAME. The only thing that is the same is the great support I have from our family of BROTHERS. THANK YOU GUYS FOR BEING HERE FOR ME!!!!!! Anyway I as you am sitting here crying as I write this to you as Haboo gave me the same strengths and taught me to be me! (Hey Guys I know you will read into that what you will) If you would like to send me a private email I have some photos I can get copied and send you a few. I am sorry you did not know of his passing and date of his celebration of life but know that we have an annual memorial party at my home in the Verde Valley on the 3rd weekend in May set forever!!! Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for all the nice things you posted about him and God Bless, Camile AKA 180

I've been told by my mom, that my uncle, Don Kimbrough, was a member of DDMCAZ many years ago. Are you able to confirm this? Sadly, he died when I was a kid, so I can't ask him myself.

Glen Hein
Name: Tumbles
Message: Hey QBall hope you made it home safe & in time for the baptism.  It was so good to see you it's been along time. For sure next year For Haboo's camp out Miss Camile & her family did a great job I had a good time take care will talk soon.

Message: just checking on Frank (high Apache/Mesa member) who was Arty Lyons buddy back in the 18th st. and Indian School area. In my 50's. he was always a nice guy and we watch his back growing up. Guess when you get old you dwell on the younger years.
Name: Bear

Message: I sure miss the days with the Tucson chapter. Rooster your still remembered brother.

Name: steven bye
Message: pig its Steve call 480-233-6981, or 480-709-0881 thank you


Name: David "Puff" Griffis
Message: Thanks for the pictures Man. I was not DDMC. I lived in Phx. from 84 to 99 and knew quite a few of your Brothers. I have tattoo's by Dale. Glad to see that someone is keeping the memories alive.
Name: harley the legendary whiskey drinker

Message: Great pictures and videos. I wonder are they still around?
Yes, we're still around
Name: Paulie

Message: Wow. This all brings back a lot of memories. It's been a great life thus far!
 I remember have rode many night with the DDMC. What ever happened to DD frog? Was great going down memory lane. Like out to Sunflower and up to Payson or Cottonwood. Oh those were the days!!LLR,
Name: brian brandon

 I think this web is a godsend. I still havent found a group that can replace the greatest bros ever!  The real measure of a man is the miles he puts on, and the brotherhood that fits him. no fitting in. Hey PAP, thump, LG ,Tarpley, TonyP., warren S.1%
Name: steve D
 Great site, really brings back the memories. I was the hot rod kid that lived across the street from the circle K down the street from your club house in Tucson. Thanks for posting

Name: Bear

Message: My time with the club was short but great. Thanks to Bull, Q Ball and Rooster for the lessons on Brotherhood and Honor,  I practice these qualities today. I hated to leave AZ  30 year's ago but my music took off in Nashville and I charted 3 singles on the Country Charts finally back in the 80's. Visit and you can hear some of my songs from my CD.  I Charted 1. Time Machine, 2. Shot in the Dark, and 3. Nowhere to go but crazy.  Would like to hear from my old friends. Keith Haynes  AKA Bear

Name: Barker
Message: Nice! Great memories. My old man is on page 9.  Zipper left my life to soon. -

Name: kris graham

Message: great website! saw a picture of someone i haven't seen in 16 years.  he was so hot!


Name: Patti
Message: I found Glaze in the pics but could'nt pick out Bombo.
Name: Stephie

Message: I don't want the remix. I was just wondering how some club members made the decision to join the HA's in 1997 and if both clubs r friendly.
Thanx, Stephie
Nice collection of pictures brother.
Miss ya


visitorname: dancer
T1: 304 258 2426
S1: hi there, it has been a very long time since i've been
 home. don't know if you would remember me or not. am
 looking for goody, mike (gumby, threespeed lol, chico,
jaws, big george, snow, goldy, etc....if you would be so
kind as to let them know, especially goody (my first bf
from way back), that i would like to talk to them.brightest
blessings site! jodey...aka dancer     

Message: I enjoyed theses flix, some of your bros helped me and one of my bros out back in 1980,on a trip from Oklahoma, back when scooter people were real and the Dirty Dozen MC were strong. THX again. Tramp, Brotherhood MC

Name: Annie
Message: I see what happened to Billy Burr, Monkey & Rusty but can anyone tell me what happened to YoYo or Emo?

Name: Larry / the old (jaws)
Message: thanks Q ball what A trip!

Name: Michelle Levesque AKA Mrs. Lightnin
Message: Nice site! Please contact me, I do have some pictures from 1983 and before and some news paper articles ,great pics of Lightnin too, also Lightnins bike from back then is still Rollin... Lightnin gave his bike to our son on the 12th day of the month he passed away. He was always a Dozen and very proud to be called your Brother.

visitorname: Becs
Words can not form to express my appreciation of the memories you have provided. I was able to see my Zipper front and center in one of the pics.....what a trip through memory lane. My heart is truly pounding, our son will finally get to see a long forgotten pic of his father as he really was. Alive, strong, a true brother and standing tall. Thank you so much for the time you put into this site.  I miss Zipper and still proudly have his patch on my shoulder. I miss the family that I was raised with. I miss the wind. Rebecca 1982-1987 RIP Zipper
visitorname: AnnaBanana

 Do you have any photos from 1977 at the Golden Eagle bar in Phoenix? I have a lot of fond memories of shooting pool there during the State Fair! Also, I have always wondered what happened to 2 guys named Wolf and George Lee. There was also a huge dude who must have weighed 300 lbs easy. They were great guys!!! Miss those days. Miss that place....


Bill, you've got know idea how much fun it is for me to see these pics and rehash old times and places. Living in the seattle area I don't see much of the Red @ White. It's all Red @ Gold and for some reason I can't relate so I stay to myself. My oldest is a former Marine (Iraq Vet) and is the only one I ride with these days. I grew up on the corner of 69th st @ McDowell and remember as a kid the Hell's Angles rolling by. Then in high school the Dirty Dozen became the home town club. Did the DD have a chapter in Tucson back then?
I watched "Angles unchained" the other night. What a riot seeing those boys. Don't think Tic was there but did see Cheeta, Haboo, Caveman and a few others. Lame Dennis? Do you remember Warlord, I think he had only one leg lost it in  Nam or something. 30 years! Don't think about it much till I see myself in a mirror. Thanks Bro

Chris Bridges

REPLY from tic

for Chris's comment, I was in Angels Unchained.  They paid us $40 a day and beer!  Hog Jimmy and I were in the whole movie;  Fight Scenes, Riding Scenes, but were too fucked at  the commune scenes. ( Old Indian actor had some LSD )

visitorname: SCRAMBLER


Tell Brother Ken that if needs anything let me know…we spent some time travel with the feds…USP Atlanta ,  EL Reno , and Lewisburg.

Our last was at MSCO medical unit….making sure he’s ok

 Steven Gray

  Let’s not forget the ‘Store” on W. Indianschool Rd.

 I’d like to make the Florence run, someday…

visitorname: S.L

 Was Nic a Tic also a dozen member

REPLY from QBall

 Ignorant KMA questions deserve  KMA answers.  Don't bait me.  Go read tic's website.

REPLY from Nicatic

SL ( Shane Lynn, San Diego District Attorney's Office )  is the asshole who has Frmr HA Pres Steve Sanders and myself tied up in court for 2 years now. (see Home Page "HA Trial San Diego" )    "In my opinion", SL needs his ass kicked.
Love and respect -


visitorname: sickrick
S1: dont care what anybody says still the coolest patch i ever saw, dont seem like home anymore, loved being from here go to other states and my ariz plate on bike made me king shit in most states not because im some super tough creep ,but because of duz rep ,i dug it, im thinking the day i die ill think bout that patch, paradise tavern sidelines garys lounge foggy bottom whiskers west store west ,that was fun shit , was asked to be duz numerous times but i was a lost sole a lil petty creep ,im proud to be from ariz and have the dirtiest creeps in this country represent us, you do a felon good, thanks for the times

visitorname: Jennifer
S1: I found your website while doing some searching for old DD friends for my old man, Rob. He patched over to the Red & White back in the day but you might have known him as "Pretty Boy". I believe his brothers rode with the dozen too. I'm also in touch with an old brother of yours, "Bear" (Mark). Are you familiar with the website "Tic" has? It's also a tribute to the Dozen. His link is NICATIC.Com you might want to check it out. Anyway, great pictures. I was trying to find some of Rob but I didn't see any. Take care and have a great day! Jennifer
Wow I like the web site. My dad is in there. Never really saw many pictures of him from back it the day before I was born. Thanks


Name: Sunny Aka Laura
Message: 1976-79, some of the best times of my life! Sure do miss Monkey! Looking for Linda Fisher

visitorname: Melissa
Hello, I found your website, I have been looking for old photographs of my father. He was in the dirty dozen (arizona). There were a few up on your website, I was wondering if you have any more. Please feel free to contact me anytime via e-mail. If you do not have anymore, i apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you - Melissa



>My name is Kerri.  I saw something today that reminded me of my father so I searched Dirty Dozen in AZ, I found your web site.   On page nine of your site I found a picture of my father, I just about fell out of my chair!  I don’t have very many pictures of my father.  My father passed away almost 23 years ago.

I would love to know if you have any other pictures of him you are willing to share. His name is Jerry and he went by Zipper.  I certainly don’t want or expect you to go through things looking for pictures, just hoping or wondering if you happen to have something on your computer that you wouldn’t mind passing along in an email.

Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to think about it.  Oh, and I did try to send this a time or two through your site but I don’t think it worked.  I hope you don’t get several of these email and I’m sorry if you do, I didn’t mean to bombard you.

Have a great day,
Kerri,  Daughter of Jerry, AKA Zipper






Hey Fang - Glad to hear from you Brother.


Name: Cat

Message: Thank u for the ole pics. Some of these Chuck Martin and I had in a small storage building when we lived in his moms place in Mesa, not sure if he still has them as i have not seen him in a few years. Was looking to see if he made the reunion. Have a great day and IF you see him or talk to Chuck give them my email.
Thanks Ladywolf
Name: Lucky
Message: Hello all this is awesome seeing all my many "uncles"!! I'm the son of Non-Stop, now that being said I'm here to tell everyone that the wrong my dad did on the club was WRONG!!!!! We all know the carnal biker rule!!! I would like to personally say I'm sorry to the club!! Now I'm not wanting to stir a shit storm here I'm just sayin my peace & sayin I'm miss all the brothers!! I'm mean how many kids grow up with over 50 uncles, or learn how to count one, fives, tens from the club strippers!! Only a club rug rat!!! Thank you all for your time!! Lucky
Name: Sharon
Message: My sister found this page, and it brought back so many great memories, it also brought a few tears of sadness. One of the pictures I saw, from Haboo's party 2010 showed a grave marker with Haboo's name on it, is it true? I left Phoenix in 89 and lost touch with everyone, but still retain the memories of parties, bars (Dirty Harry's, Warsaw Wally's and Jesse's to name a few) I use to manage the Pipes Etc on 42nd and Thomas and 43rd ave and Indian School.
Name: Laura AKA Low Milage ,
Message: Thanks to a Handful of DDMC members I was accepted into " Harry's " even though I was under age. I was looked after and protected like everyones little sister , Clay & Margie were Mom and Dad most of the Time. Haboo , My Best friend gave me the strength to believe in myself... I still carry that ! And BULLDOG Steve Yeah I learned to Bark out orders and Look mean :) thanks but i still dont know how to be mean. thanks for all the warm memories now and all the Love and support then when I needed it the most! Laura