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Lynda Starkey
Message: 72 south 4th east Preston Idaho 83263. This is where I live since I was about 15 I have lived in Idaho. I used to hang
out with some kids that their parents were part of the MC !!!!! I know that a lot of them have passed and that makes my heart heavy. But for those that stayed true to The Dirty Dozen and didn't patch over I salute you!!!!!  I have no disrespect for those that did patch over but I think it's kind of  groovy that some of you kept it going on. I go back home to Mesa about once a year and it is kind of strange not to see them colors throughout the city like you used to when we were younger!!!!! May the wind keep the cobwebs out of your head!!!!!  And your bike carry you safely wherever you travel to!!!!! My old man was killed not too long ago and that is something I sure do miss is that wind
Message: Do you have any kind of record log of past members? I dated a man awhile back that claimed he was a member in the Arizona area. He said he lived in Flagstaff.
This would have been 25-30 years ago. His name was Carl Linden, originally from Nebraska,




Hello info@DD MC,
I wrote on the comments page on your website. I asked a question. , I know better than to ask questions as Aldo only told me once. I seriously wanted to remember the answer though as it was significant to me but I was really fucked up at the  time so I cant remember. That's why I am writing because everyone got answers but me Qball
My name is Kim. Thank you
Hello from Washington State....
My name is Teresa.
This last week when I was cleaning the garage, I came across several old bike magazines in a cupboard my ex-husband used for storage.
There are five different types of magazines, Iron Horse, In the Wind, Outlaw Biker, Super Cycle and Easy Rider.
The oldest editions are from Easy Rider - October 1973 (really good condition) and from March 1977 (in good condition).

Others from the 70's are: iron Horse (October 1979 in good condition). Super Cycle - Sept/Oct 1978 (no cover) &December 1978 (also no cover).

There are 19 easy Rider magazines that have no cover, and I cannot find the date of publication on them. But the pages look older, yellowed a bit. There are also editions from all of these magazines from the 80's & 90's - the most being Easy Rider. Some of these are missing the back covers.. (weird, I know!)...

Wasn't sure if you could give me some guidance about interest in these critters, but any information you can send my way would be tremendously appreciated.

Thank you!
Teresa Noel
Eatonville, WA.

Interested ?  Email her an offer.


Vincent brunick
to QBall
 This is a long shot here. My biological father was a part of the DD between 1989-1991 i was born in 1990 in tucson. so definetly between 89 - 91.
 They called him mikey I'm sure. He was in the Tucson area in 1990 that's where I was born. I don't know much . Beside mikey rode motorcycles for the DD and possible wore glasses or sunglasses a lot. If you have anything that may help me or someone who knew members of the Tucson area . Anything I would be very grateful I've went my whole life 27 years wondering bout this person. I have 3 kids now and they are starting to ask who's daddy's daddy. You kinda my biggest hope for some info or help right now. If you have nothing I still appreciate you just reading this
Vincent brunick

Derick Applegate
to QBall
my father may have been in the DD in the tucson area. possible before i was born in 1990.
he went by mikey possible wore glasses. maybe even tucson mike?
Derick Applegate

Twins, separated at birth ?
Vincent, meet Derick.  Derick, meet Vincent.

Jeff Scott <>
Jan 28
to ball
Thank you for opening - I am inviting motorcyclists to share their thoughts! 
This is not about your motorcycle club.

7-minute survey, CONFIDENTIAL and voluntary On family, neighborhood, childhood characteristics On demographics (age, gender, education etc.)
I am Jeff, a research assistant for a research student from the University of Oklahoma conducting a research study to fulfill requirements of the Master of Science in Criminal Justice program. To understand what differentiates those joining clubs identified as outlaw motorcycle clubs and non-outlaw/conventional motorcycle clubs.
You can withdraw any time, unless survey submitted, no known risks beyond those experienced in everyday life (some questions are personal and might cause discomfort), and must be 18 years or older.

Follow link to Survey or Copy and Paste URL below into Internet Browser:

I will email a follow-up invite otherwise follow the link to opt out of future emails:
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Contact information below to complete survey in person or by telephone, email, or mail.
Study Title: Outlaws vs. Inlaws: A Comparative Analysis of the Childhood Background Factors of Outlaw Motorcycle Club Members an Conventional Motorcycle Club Members

Notification: I am collecting data on behalf of the research student because the student’s employer does not allow the employee’s name to be identified during research. If this causes discomfort, participation is voluntary.

"More than a Memory" fir this "Shameless" Bit. Very loving  , Thinking, holding All Ya close. Muss, Love. and Know. What live and Sacrifice , loyalty and Great Love, thank you Boys and Baby Doll s of the Only Dirty Dozen Motorcycle CLUB, thank you,
The pic of Magoob,Lil Bit, Mini Me, keeps that ass woopin at bay, brings joy, thank you, A Ball, my heart knows her fine family. Arizona founded the true value of what Family is, and yes My Love has learned to reach, well no words were ever needed. This is , Love ALl then now always and with. One
Please ecmuse, little Brat , Wendy was speaking. So needs Uncle, n Aunt Loving, same school, needs affirmation per Not MA. ,wow Boys Lil M pinky promised yo check in.
Ok, please send Great Love Unyielding Respect, SLEEPY, Miss all ya.
Night Boys and Uours
Lil Bit,
Flash of a moment when The Property If Patch or knowledge if was/is an honor. Gloria to US .love Ya

And may your new year be the best ever. It was great meeting you at the 'home away from home'. It's not often that we meet others that we get along with so well. I look forward to seein' ya again.

 Some time ago, meaning 07 I went to Pappy's birthday party it was broadcast on radio and Pappy was interviewed over a talk show at someone's house. Name that group and talk show. Besides DD. CRS!
Recently attended the DD photography exhibit and BBQ in Gilbert. What a great time it was meeting those of you I hadn't met before.
What legends you all are.
Ride hard and take lots of chances.

Message: Friends and recent photo's page 2. Dance Dammit picture Shadow with Yoyo I think. Norm from Fox Den want's to say hello to Shadow from years gone by. Is it possible ?
Stormin Norm

Anything's possible.   QBall

A thank you
It was over 30 years ago, Clarkdale Arizona. Y'all made a ****** disappear.  I was talking to my wife about it the other day, found your site and wanted to thank you. Other people hated it when y'all let loose in the Verde Valley when I was a kid, y'all were my heroes, maybe why I am wired the way I am today.

Bad rumor. Don't believe everything you hear.


Catherine Warner
Love the picture of them riding with the Haboo chasing them. Is Haboo in that pic?

No, and no. That's not Haboo and what they're outrunning is actually a HABOOB.  (sp)  That photo is one of my personal favorites too.

Becky Giglio
Slick asked me to get these pictures to you.
TimTim's breakfast club
Moose Lodge, Goodyear, AZ
July 30, 2017

The brothers that were there were timtim, rush, slick, drifty, bub, lucky, and greasy (and harpo's urn that slick made)
let me know if they don't come through. thank you so much!!!!

Becky - You will  find the photos on the "NEW PHOTOS PAGE - (Link on the main page)

Kori Bosworth
Nov 2
to info
Hi, my name is Kori Bosworth and I just want some justification from your club that you were my life savers during '93 & '94. My step dad was Gino aka Eugene Formica who later became a club member not only in the Vagos of Las Vegas but, then club hopped to the Mongols and later got stabbed by HA here in Las Vegas.... Probably because he was a club hopping pussy. I had close relations with Porker (DD Club President and Troll, Dead Eye... The only club names I can remember)... Later on getting himself into trouble with Vagos and later getting stabbed by HA as a Mongol..... I'm tired of them making me out to be a liar. I have had to ask for protection from the club many of times because of my parents. The DD were always there faster than the police would have ever responded and I am forever grateful. I just want to know that those same great men are out there and say thank you. I can be reached at this email address if there's any conflict of story but, I want to say my thanks either way. Thank you gentlemen for saving my life when my parents were unable to be the parents I expected them to be. THANK YOU. I'm a successful, single mother of four, residing in Las Vegas and I would be honored to take any of those men out to lunch as a thank you, anytime one of you might be in town, please get ahold of me, I owe you a hug to say the least, I made it as a productive piece of society with beautiful, smart, well behaved children, thank you. I did the best with what I had. LOVE AND RESPECT.
David Murphy
Message: I grew up around the Dozen, Scenewest early 80s Tempe South Scottsdale in the back Dozen always took care of me. I miss not seeing the patch.

Becky Giglio
AttachmentsJul 21

Again--thank you so much!!!!!  Please let me know if you have any problems.


Freddie's Celebration of Life

Kathy Hendershot
AttachmentsJul 24

Put what I had together, hope you get all of them. Thank you.

Thanks Kathy
Your photos can be seen on the NEW PHOTOS PAGE-
(Link on the main page)

Richard Hall
If there where some brothers that are willing to bring back the dirty dozen , can it happen, I'm 37 years old, I was 6 months surrounded by 8 members n I have the picture to prove it, my parents knew a lot members and party with , friends with them, If  old school club members wanted remdepation, I would recruit hundreds of qualified people, you don't need  other clubs numbers to hold your ground , you just mother fuckers with heart ,I woukd stand with 300  soldiers loyal to a fault over 3000 holding a patch they didn't earn, but someone who's original patch
member to step up, the rest will follow.


I like your thinking... and there are others who agree.
Say 'Hi' when you see us and we'll talk about it.

slick or whom ever. I havent' heard back from you about Chef,
Its the last piece of the puzzle for me.
Ill be up after Christmas, hope to see you there. It was good to see you at the bandit, what a great suprise.

Message being passed along to Sllick


to QBall
Jeff Scott
Thank you for opening - I am inviting motorcyclists to share their thoughts! ...
Jeff Scott

Judy McPherson

to QBall
I recognized many names on this great site you have. I was Bush's old lady for 6 years from 1974 to 1979. He was a machinist in Sunnyslope. It'd be nice to know how he is. Whoever lives in his house now said he moved back to his home state. He called me his "little sweet butt". I'm hoping you know how to reach him. His son & mine were 1 month apart in age. Please let me know.

Hope he sees this post. I haven't found anyone who knows where he is.

 Can anyone help me find my dad? His name is Ric Turner and the last place I know he was in was Prescott in 1980 and 1981. He was born in Oregon and only had a sister. If anyone can help me please. Some names: Sherrie Rigdon, Richard Alan Rigdon, and Karen Renee Rigdon. I think he's a carpenter in his 60's. Peace and love!

Just stumbled onto this sight today,sure brought back memories. I rode with the club in the 70's I see lots of my bro's are dead now, really makes me sad. Haboo who brought me into the club is gone, Emo Hawkeye shit, too many. Ride safe and if anyone remembers that far back drop me a line...
John Emerson (Little John)


gregory j bunce  5/29/15
 I new onr of yer borthers, his name was Stick. He gave me a blue curticy card for a faver i did for him. The card red Fuck a (Wild Man Take a dozen home with you) I still have it. It was back in the erly 70s. Just wondering if Stick is sitll around? If so wanted to say Hi. From Cap the crazy fuck that scored him a truck load of carpet.

m only in 1 Pic. (Little Toms MESA CHAPTER Pic.) I've been looking at all these for the last 5+Hours. Sure brought back some GREAT Memories!!


A message from the past to all those now in the voluntary slavery of government welfare:

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating
contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms.
Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you,
and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." -- Samuel Adams


   In 1974 I worked with Linda who was married to Dan.  His ride name was Tree.  Linda made my wedding dress.  I would like to let her know that Roy and I are still married and that dress was worn by our youngest daughter at her wedding. Thanks Linda!
Sue Curbczech Braman
 I am a friend/memory of Fang. He was from Mesa. Caught a murder charge, did 11 yrs in Picacho the last time I spoke to him he was out on parole. This was back in the mid 90's.  He had me hold some family pictures for him. I would like to return them if he is still alive. His first name was Craig.  Cris WrightI am on a short time frame here.
Cris wright
 This may seem like a stupid question but I've  been curious about real bikers and licenses. Did all the original members have mc endorsements on the dl license or did they say "fuck it?" And just ride because they wanted to?

Just stumbled onto this sight today,sure brought back memories. I rode with the club in the 70's I see lots of my bro's are dead now, really makes me sad. Haboo who brought me into the club is gone, Emo Hawkeye shit, too many. Ride safe and if anyone remembers that far back drop me a line...
John Emerson (Little John)


Thursday, Jan 2, 2014 -  It saddens me to pass along this information. A  Brother lost already in 2014, Pappy Duke.  Our condolences go out to Dukes daughter Dawn.

mezssage: Hi there, looking for an old friend, at the time I knew her she went by Sherry Key, was married to
George Key, who I do not believe was patched in, but was somehow associated, had a daughter, Sarah Rose.
They had separated and she was with Mike "Psycho Miko" (sp?) and we ended up losing touch (this was all
early to mid 90's). She was an amazing friend and I know at the time she had talked of them possibly leaving
town. Does anyone know of her whereabouts? Sherry is just someone I think about often, would like to know
how she is.    Shannon

When I heard Hells angels and Dirty Dozen became one club I started thinking about what happened to Rio BoBo, I lived with for several years in the late '80's and have often wondered what happened to him,
I wouldn't think he would want to break off and go with the Angels then I heard he passed away.
I had so much fun with him and loved him very much, real name Bradly Waddell. If you know him or see him
can you tell him I think of him often and if he wanted to call and say Hello that would be cool.
We went through a lot together and viewing this site brought back really good memories. I respected him
and still have the leather jacket he gave me, it is genuine California Highway patrol jacket, I've been offered
big money for it but can't part with it because BoBo gave it to me! If anything tell him I still have it because
I will always love him and think of him fondly! Thanks a bunch! Vicki 402-238-8882 if he wants to call and say hi!.
 Stumbled on this page and memories flooding back!
 Vicki K Bowman

COMMENTS: Was there a member named Elwood ?

Not that I know of, but maybe someone will email you.

COMMENTS: just wanted to let anyone who cares know that there are some guys in mississippi (olive branch area) running 3 piece patches with dirty dozen as their club name
vince deuvall

Yeah this is William Eric PasKell little Dave's little brother Charles David Paskell  I'm looking for triggerI really need to talk to him my brother passed in the early seventies Mesa chapter
they call them little Dave he died in August 1979 he's buried at Rest Haven cemetery on Southern and 44th  street in Phoenix He has dice on his tombstone it was a well respected member of the dozen I'm looking  foR Trigger And it's important so if anyone out there Can put me in contact with him it would be greatly appreciated mine and my lady's phone numberis 480-217-2854 thanks any of you that can help for your help
love and respect little Dave's little brother for known as the preacher piece of brothers and sisters
William Eric Paskell
email: elricwp@yahoo.comm
My name is Trudie I was at clubhouse with chef aka Robert S. It was 1977 I was a young girl had emergency and had to go to Chicago my grandfather gravely I'll my only family.Chef took me to airport and sent me gifts many times he cherished me. But I had to stay with grand dad.
I had a boy in 12/ 79 I named him Robert. I knew Rooster, he put me through tests but earned some respect. I'm so sorry he got shot in 78 I cried for hours realized what I heard was true.
I remember a guy named wolf brought me there I knew rabbit, some guy missing finger and smiley and many others in and out.
I'm trying to find out what happened to Chef aka Robert. S
I live between Chicago and tucson.
Please help me find out.
Trudie   email: 
Camile now known as Mrs. Overdrive
mezssage: We had a great weekend!!! We would like to thank everyone for coming and enjoying The Haboo Memorial
Campout 2015!! The weather gave us a few challenges but all in all it was a great weekend and a good time was
had by all!!! We shared lots of great memories and made some new ones!! We finished the weekend off with Brian
and I's marriage/commitment ceremony!! Thank you everyone for staying and sharing our special day!! We are very
happy!! Most of all the sacred ground has now become the most important location of our campground and all are
welcome to have your loved ones become a part of it. Hopefully not anytime soon!! It is also available for weddings....
hint hint Buzz and Christine!! Lol Thanks to QBall and Lou, Andy and Vegas for all your photography!
Thanks to Sarah for cooking and everyone that brought food!! Thank you to Skeet and Brenda for the great music!
Thank you brother Stevie for the pottys and all the gear you brought!! Thank you to everyone who contributed
financially and otherwise to make it happen and keep the reunion going!!We look forward to seeing everyone next
year, we love you all!!Next years dates is May 20th,21st,22nd 2016L&R Camile and Brian
name: Glenda
message: I go way back in the late 60 and early 70 I have looked and can't believe so many have passed away
I'm wondering about Billy Bur he was president back then. Does anyone know anything about him?
Fat Al was a war Lord. Even after all these years it's sad to see they have passed away. RIP

message: Very cool page. I think you should keep it up. Put all the DDMC History on Face Book for all to see but
no one can comment on. The DDMC WAS AND WILL ALWAYS BE A REAL MC. !!!!!!!!!    Jay

message: I was in the army with bob straugn in 1971 nwho was a very
proud member of ddmc at that time. Is bob still alive? Anybody remember him?

Another Brother gone.  Deadeye passed away yesterday, July 10.  The funeral will be Monday July 14 at 10 AM at Best Funeral Chapel, 5th and Dunlap, Phoenix.
  R.I.P. Deadeye.


  I'm only in 1 Pic. (Little Toms MESA CHAPTER Pic.) I've been looking at all these for the last 5+Hours. Sure brought back some GREAT Memories!!

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COMMENTS: keep up the great work on the site. I love it. Could maybe use some more updates more often, but i am sure that you have got other things things to do like we all have to do unfortunately.
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Thanx for posting on Dirty Dozen MC. I enjoyed your video and will check your website regularly now that I am acquainted with it. My brother lives in Thailand. He married a Thai lady and bought a home there, so your site is really interesting to me.
Thanx again for the feedback,

QBall, I want to thank the Dirty Dozen MC for such a great time at Mother Humpers O.F.G. 9/15/13 get together. It was a fun time. I enjoyed meeting your Brothers, Sisters and friends.  Thanks to Humps invite I met a bunch of true bikers with their sweet rides! I tried to post this on Dirty Dozen MC, AZ. but the site for comments was full so I just sent to you.                         

Thanks Pete, It was a pleasure meeting you too and all the other new friends who made the party, and thanks for the heads up on the mailbox.  I fixed the problem and there is no limit on it now. Hope to see you at next years OFG which we are considering holding a little earlier in the year.  Watch for details on the website.






Takein' a cautious look around
Drummer 1968

Remington Stone Vascussi

R.I.P. BUMPER Here in 2012 with Lori

My email is ....We..the family...will be doing a memorial at some point and scattering his remains, so it would be nice to hear from some of the brothers, so I can keep them up to date on any future arrangements.
Thanks,  Lori...aka..."Inga Toots"


Good Morning,
My father was a member of the Dirty Dozen MC in Phoenix Arizona. I do not have many photos of him from those days and wanted to know if anyone remembers him or had photos. I looked at the photos on the site but it is hard to tell which one maybe my dad. His name was Dennis Ridenour AKA Bubba Rosa. My father passed away in 2004 from pancreatic cancer and I am just trying to gather pictures and memories for my children who never had the opportunity to meet him. Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you for your time,
Felicia Moore
Just keeping you all up to date on brother Norton--he is in Tucson Winchester unit and is doing well.. he has his health issues to deal with but he is the same crazy man that he has always been. he wanted me to say hello to all his brothers and sends his love and respect to you all. if any of you want to write to him get ahold of me and i will give u the information.   jackie nichols

Name*: james dale harrington

 I support the brotherhood for what it once was. Ride safe and be thoughtful brothers and sisters. James Harrington for Arizona and Nevada.

Comments: I am so thankful for my uncle Pappy I will miss him dearly. He always was a strong face. He took me on my first motorcycle ride when I was 15. I will miss the crap out of him. He was wip smart and had a good sence of humor. RIP Pappy.

 Does any one recall the BIG HORN tavern (saloon) on Washington and 24 in Phoenix? I was one of the partners that ran it in the early 70's. The Club used to frequent it till we had to shut down. I always looked forward to having the bar full of the DOZEN. Saddened to hear that Haboo had passed and all the rest. Still have a couple of courtesy cards. Great memories.
Hippy Jim

Scoop is UP

 I m looking.for a member named Oranges. He was a prospect in mid 90 's
Debra Pulae

Thanks to Dingo for sharing these photos.

Thank you for this site. from the daughter of Bill Cave aka two pound.
Thank you Nisa for your donation.  QBall

Just want to let u know ,u did an awsome job at making this web page! My step dad was a DD as well as his real brother LUCKY. my dad was GRUNT. I enjoyed lookin ol pic's, specially when I found my dad, my uncle LUCKY, my uncle FREDDY (aka FREDDY TE FREE LOADER) seeing Dick ,and many others that I was raised arond. MY UNCLE HABOO how I WILL NEVER EVER 4 GET HM! he would chase me n my cousin's around if he knew we had a tooth ready to fall out.or he'd tell us to get some string n tie it to the doo knob n slam the door. he also liked to tell us he was going to take his leg off. he was the SHIT I LOVE N MISS HIM . my mom was around the club long before my dad joined. her name is TRINA, she hung with FREDDY, DICK,n few others. thanks for the memories, Im 43yrs old n I can still remember a lot o the brothers names even tho most have passed. does anyone have any info about FAT JOHN, JOHNNY CHAIN? I know my mom has some old pic's of club,Ill see what I can do n send copy. since I didnt eee the group pic that has JERRY FOSTER in it. thanks for making such great memories for the BROTHERS (DD) still around....... much love n respect

Re: Evo Mike
Hi, I'm trying to get ahold of Danny Blue or Goat. One of their riding partners went down yesterday morning on Cactus. If you can forward a message to either one of them. Tell them to get a hold of me. Evo Mike died instantly after crashing. His family would like as many bikers as possible to attend his funeral. I will have more information tomorrow. My phone no. 602-575-9473
Debora Williams

 Hey just browsing, found this site awhile ago and that wonderful pic of my mom & dad (melody & sonny). Trying to locate my brother eric who posted on here awhile back. When and if you read this please email me. Awesome pix you guys!!
Serena Garcia

Thanx Serena, Make my day. I like that photo too.

Hey QBall,
I use to ride with you guys in mid 90s and some of you guys use to party at my house. I remener my 30ty bday a lot guys came to it. I remener one time some of you came to a party at my house and my little girl was handd the guy,s colors to hold while they partied. she was so happy & proud to be responsible for them. she is now 34 and still talks about it. Do you know Oranges? How come your moto is not "Support your local Dirty Dozen? " any more. Would love to hear from anyone who knows Oranges. .....Debra

Thanks for writing Debra.  Actually that was never our motto - just a saying. Besides, there no longer is a local Dirty Dozen. Just a bunch of old farts who still like to ride and party together.

Comments: I was wondering if anyone knew Wrongway aka Larry Adams? He is my stepdad and i was just wondering if anyone knew him
Thomas O'connor

A lot of us knew WW and remember him well.  I 'm sure someone has a story to tell you. This pic is from the very first Florence Prison Run which he rode in.


Cut Loose (Wayne Janusz) hospitalized.
He is in John C Lincoln Hospital in Phoenix
recovering from a stroke. He can have visitors and would probably enjoy a visit from his brothers. The address is 250 E Hatcher. Any updates in his condition will be posted as I receive them.

Looking fo hawkeye / his brther brad slama if anyone knows him please get him to contact brad at:    

 Brad SlamaEmail*:
 I would love to hear any and all stories about WrongWay. He is still alive and kicking but on his best days he does not remember much. He just gave me his Pan head as he cannot ride and I love the history of the bike has and I want to know more of the legacy He and his bike have. If its better for all email would be best. I am also going through his stuff he said there is an old scrap book running around, When I find it I will try to get them to you guys.
Thomas O'connor

Comments: whats up looking for my brother Bill Hawkeye Swanstrom anyone know please email me back thanks
brad slama

Comments: Any one got any pictures of the Saloon,
I used to tend bar there and waited on a lot of the Cave Creek Chapter.
Mike aka Spike



Comments: found this site..not bad..i was there from dec 90 - nov 95..recved my patch jun 91..phx chapter with gumby as pres..the best time of my life was the day recved my patch.. i went inactive nov 95 for family business back east.. one day turned into another.. and i went back into the army.. after 2 tours of iraq injuried on my 2 tour.. now retired living and doing rehab in tenn.. its good seeing dozen still being seen.. good site..

Nice hearing from ya Brother. Hope you rehab is going well.  Keep in touch.   QBall
Good day. My name is jacob swaim. I wad born in tucson in 1977. My father matt swaim aka "mad matt" and my mom chris used to ride with u guys. Or so he said. Some of his friends were tiny of tiny's saloon, sleaze, cowboy, one eyed lorrie, dogbreath. We left to nm during the patchover unknown reasons. Anyway the point of this is he passed 4 years ago in may. In leu of soul searching and coming to terms with my father i wanted to inform anyone who new him. He rode a 1969 norton 850 commando in atlas racing frame. He also worked at freds brit bike shop. Thank you for your time. If anyone does rember him i would like to know more of his life from friends perspective. Thank you

  Do any of you guys know what happened to dirty ernie? I heard a rumor that he died. If so how?
Thanks zach

Email :
  Had to put down an old friend today. Kibby was my daughter's mare. Had her for almost 20 years. It was like losing a family member. I wish we could treat people as humanely as we do horses. When I get decrepit and past the point of no return, if I don't go out on my bike, I have decided on death by chocolate. I will eat myself into a diabetic coma and die smiling.

My uncle used to be in the Mesa chapter I believe. His name is Henry. AKA " No Neck"
I seen him in. a few pics posted on .this site.

Remember Henry quite well.  QBall


More bad news
BUMPER (Kenny) has passed away.
He was a former Treasurer in Phoenix.
More information when I get it.

Bumper's Lori is requesting help for paying for bumper's cremation...if you would like to donate, please call 1-877-615-3030, and
donate under the name of "krinkle"...


I'm trying to track down my father. My mother does not know much information on him at all. I know that he was in this MC and his name was Tim and had prostetic fingers, lived in Texas at one point, and may of had other children in Tucson. This would of been clear back in January of 1981.
I would just like to know who my dad is.
Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.
Jesse Graves


In the New Year, 2013, Groundhog Day and the president's "State of the Union" address occur on the same day.

This is an ironic juxtaposition: One event involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to an insignificant creature of little intelligence for prognostication. The other involves a groundhog.



Kick ass photos. The photo of some bar (stone building) with all the bikes in front, where was that at?

All my life I've been a Lone Wolf biker, and always resisted going the MC way because I resisted the rules. But after seeing this website, the respect, and the honor of it to the former members of the Dirty Dozen, I can only say that I am envious of what you guys had.
Much respect

I wish I could remember where that bar is JT, but I'm going to have to plead a Senior moment. Might be in Strawberry, not sure Somebody else will have to remember for me.  Anybody?


Taken by traffic.
We'll all miss you Luke.

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Did some of your brothers ride foriegn bikes and if so what kind
eric myers

Good question Eric. Sure, a lot of us experimented with 'other than HD' s. The most popular at first was the Honda 4 cyl 750. Then the bigger Kawasaki 4 cyl got popular. Both proved to be good machines and custom rigid frames became easy to find. They still are, and although the Honda 750 kind of died out , the Kaw is still real popular. Some of our friends at Phoenix Underground Racing like Bobby (left) run them and they are screamers.  I've owned and ridden almost every model Harley has made (except the Evo) and I've enjoyed all of them. Even the Sportsters. The only bike I could NOT get used to was a shaft drive BMW loaner that a dealer gave me to ride when the HD I bought was having title problems.
Once you're on the back roads and leaning into the curves, the brand name fades from your thoughts and the physics of riding takes over. For me, that is nirvana.  Ride what you've got or what you're comfortable on and don't let brand name bias spoil your fun     .QBal

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Hi, On the front page,the 3rd portrait is the group Jack Quintin Putman (Weasel) ran around with...He passed away on the 27 November 2012...I know he would want you all to know....602-539-0370...If you have any
questions... Anne Marie Puman


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Please Help Me.


This is very important, please read. I must find this man soon and I don’t have much to go on. I was told that in 1969 he rode with

The DD San Joaquin Valley. I have spent countless hours searching the internet looking for proof that DD San Joaquin Valley, even existed.

I have had no luck, I can only find you. So I really hope you can help me with this. I was told that his given name is Larry Davis. I made a promise

To my father on his death bed that I would find him and give him a message. I’ve had no luck and this is weighing heavy on my mind, because this was very important to my father. I guess he would be between the ages of 65-73. Please contact me
Robyn Musteen <>
I was only told three members names….Torch (Larry Davis), Stubby (Bob Sahli) & Tank.

Hi Robyn

San Joaquin Valley is in central California. The Dirty Dozen Motorcycle Club had no chapters outside of Arizona.

I'm sorry to tell you, but you were given bad information. Good luck in your quest. If anyone knows Torch, Stubby, or Tank drop Robyn a line.

Many thanks to Dingo for this photo of
Shorty and Rooster

Comments: mann the photos and vidios are great saw some old friends and there photos would like to party w/ you guys like in the past still have my old shovel now riding a twin cam i was not a member but a hang around and miss those partys and rides can i still ride w/ you guys ? if so looking forward to it . a strong supporter but not well known.  would look forward to riding with you guys or just party im an old hang around but never had so much fun than when i rode with the dozon
jim noll


 I was wondering if anyone remembers a guy they called Crow? His real name was Dwayne he was my uncle and was a member of the DDMC

 Hi Diane,
 Crow is remembered by many of his Brothers.  A remembrance page will be posted in the Obituary section soon.
Comments: I think (crs) or figured you knew,
j.i.c. Need more signatures. Brian Brewster is in stage 4 of Lung cancer, BOP, and Warden and prison Dr. on his side to go home. We are the old school, ya don't even have to like him, but you might, to do what is right! I am asking you to post this.
Go to CHANGE.ORG under FIND, enter REQUEST FOR A COMPASSIONATE RELEASE. Love ya'll for teaching me to be right!


You had a member in the 80s by the name of John, I dont recall his last name but he worked for AutoZone in the early 90s in Danville Il .I remember him showing me his vest and invitations and even some pics of him and I think I spotted him in some of the pics on your website. If you could help me with his last name I would appreciate it as he was a pretty good friend back then.

thank you
Bryan McGee

Name: KimBa
Comments: Sending out Love and Respect, and grabbing back some Strength.

I happened to stumble across this site today which is odd as we are currently working on the final items for the 7 th annual Lightnin’s Long May You Run Tour (which benefits cancer research in Cleveland) here in Grafton, Ohio.

My name is Jason Mould and I am married to Jeff’s daughter Melissa. I write to ask a favor. Is there a chance you have any photos of Jeff that you could email me? I would love to print a few of them out for his benefit run or at least have some in an album to show to his granddaughter (Emma Grace) in a few years.

Thank you for the time!


Name*: KimBa
 My Condolences and shared sorrow for the loss of your wife, I have never found stronger commitment and Loyalty shared as by Members of the DDMC, a bond found seldom elsewhere. May you find comfort in knowing the pain and hardships your wife, and you endured together, are at rest, and Abbra will be waiting for you, Slick with the same beautiful smile she wore in this photo.


Comments: Hi, I check your new stuff regularly. Your writing style is witty, keep doing what you're doing!
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Does anyone remember Jeff Cook? went by the Troll. Was not member to my knowledge. He was murdered in 1990 in Scottsdale. any information or old stories please call me. I am his youngest son. Bryce Cook
602 206 3795.
I live in Payson
Bryce Cook

HEY, KEITH H.  (Bear)
Lost your new email address when blocked my email account.  Need to talk. URGENT!!  Get ahold of me ASAP.
Use the Post Comments Box above.


Hello everyone I have more pics to come!!! SLICK !!!!!!!!

Message: June 6th is Attitude's b-day he looks pertty good for 66 yrs old He just can't stay up late to party
Big Tom/Hose

Comments: Great site, thank you for keeping me in the loop.
Steve D

Got this great post from Nic a tic. Thanks for sharing it.

From: Duane M <>
Recently caught an old movie in which some members of The Dirty Dozen contributed. It got me to thinking and researching some of that stuff and really enjoyed finding your website. I was born 1970 and always lived in AZ. I remember hearing mixed stories about The Dirty Dozen and sometimes seeing members on the road from the backseat of my parents car. I have been around a few bikers from time to time and never found a lot of evidence to back up some of the stories I was fed over the years growing up. It is as if most people and media organizations see them as freaks with no job that fund all this constant roaming around on noisey bikes with random criminal acts. Take a hippie, a homeless man, and a mobster, put em in a blender with some steroids and you get a biker. Never made sense to me. Now that some folks that lived it have documented a lot of stuff, it is appreciated by me.

So thank you. I like the respect and loyalty infused into the whole package. The economy tanked, I lost a decent job and have watched my life stumble along for five years now while alot of my friends mostly just observe and then go back to buying more stuff and expensive entertainment. "Too bad for him, must be tough, now where did I put my iPod?" Realizing I made some poor life choices and one of them was some of the people I have been calling friends. I see truth, meaning, and love in the 1%. My hat is off to you and all the others that stayed on course. Gives me hope.


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