President Tucson Chapter
Howard F Wright  Oct 23, 1939 - Feb 19, 1978


Back in 1978  I had a custom scooter and paint shop on Prince Road in Tucson.  I lived in the back of the shop where one day while taking a work break I had the guitar plugged in and was jamminí with an Allman Brothers tune, Memory of Elizabeth Reed, one of my all time favorite jam tunes. I was totally lost in the music having inhaled some strange smoke as I was prone to do back in those days. As the music was nearing the end I turned to find two people standing there with huge grins on their faces watching and listening silently . It was Smiley and Rooster. We all broke out laughing. I have no idea how long they had been standing there. Smiley had brought Rooster over to talk about a paint job on his bike. We ended up riding over to the Copper Queen for beers and bullshit. It was in the Copper Queen parking lot a week later that Rooster was shot and killed. I went to Roosterís funeral where I met a lot of people I liked and started prospecting shortly thereafter. Those people became brothers to me for life. They will be brothers till the day Iím planted in the ground. Thanks Rooster.


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