ZIPPER  Mesa Chapter
Jerry Barker    Sept 14, 1948 - Feb 12, 1987

Feb 13, 2012
Yesterday marked 25 years Zip, we think of you and wish you were still here. I have thought of how much I appreciate,(now) the life lessons you really taught me. True sometimes your delivery wasn't the easiest to handle and left me sometimes wanting to smack you with a cast iron skillet, but I have used those lessons as I step into my later age & man, how the fuck did you ever put up with my dumb ass for so long? Larry is doing fabulous and so looks like you, damn it. He is strong, successful and finishing college. I am lonely, hard to live with and have figured it out...Fuck em and stay strong. ride on baby, Rebecca

In 1987, I believe it was November or December, I took my weeks vacation and rode from Flagstaff down to Phoenix to help Zipper re-wire his tow truck. I took the ol'lady with me and we hung out with Zipper and his family; We had a blast. Zipper and I always had fun togethher ridin' and raisin' hell. You couldn't tell the difference in us from behind or from a short distance. This created some confusion when I was in his turf or him in mine. A lot of jokes came from that situation.

While I was down there he told me some bitch had recently ripped him off and then ran off to Flag. I remember calling a week later to give him some shit and see how the truck was doing. His wife told me he had collapsed and was in the hospital. A week later my Brother was gone. Miss ya Brother. Well, I went back to Phoenix for the funeral and when I got back to Flag I looked that bitch up.
Crash Mesa DDMC

You taught me so much about making it on my own.  Tack Weld, (enough to get a job as a ship-fitter, scrapping, and yes how to drive a tow truck! I have been able to put all of these talents to use, Thank you, DFFD no matter where we are!
Your Friend,
Kim Markowicz




My name is Kerri.  I saw something today that reminded me of my father so I searched Dirty Dozen in AZ, I found your web site.  On page nine of your site I found a picture of my father, I just about fell out of my chair!  I donít have very many pictures of my father.  My father passed away almost 23 years ago.

Kerri, Zipper's daughter

 Wow ! I was shocked to find this site, and I see my niece Kerry found it before me ! I was thinking about my Brother Jerry (ZIPPER) Barker, and that led me here !! if you remember me, E-Mail me and at least say high !!
I know he's not resting in peace !! that wasn't his style !

 Shonn Barker

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