The Affordable Government Act
A Proposed Divestiture Amendment
to the Constitution of the United States

  March 28, 2014   Bill Fairbanks

The Affordable Government Act

First priority of Government is to do the peoples' business, not to 'give people the business'.

Here’s where we've hit a snag. Too many of the people “serving” in national government as a career  today are not  learned in the ways and strategies of the Free Market. Most have little marketing experience in any business whatsoever, except campaigns. Career politicians believe that their position offers them an opportunity to experimentally dabble, risk free, in businesses they have no working knowledge of, often using untested notions and bogus science. This has come about because they have the power to take our money from us and foolishly invest it without culpability. Great ideas do not stand on their own. They must be supported by innovation, risk, hard work, and market acceptance.  Plus, someone must have the responsibility and means to absorb loss or failure. There is a huge gap between an innovative idea and an engaged working business, a gap usually filled with research, sweat, corrected mistakes, and untold man hours. 

Simply put, many of those now in government positions today have proved themselves incapable of honesty or fairness in the marketplace, but fully capable of taking an unethical and unfair advantage to use their positions for gain. They have an unlimited supply of OUR money to invest and unlimited credit coupled with the ability to legislate the competition out of the way in a fashion where no one is held accountable. (a.k.a. The Obama-Chicago Solution.) On top of that they are attempting to use the force of law to "sell" their product. This is intolerable in a free society. The so-called Affordable Care Act is a perfect model of what government MUST be prohibited from doing. It has proved to be extremely ill-thought-out by these rank amateurs (like most committee generated models) and harmful to Americans. It will be very costly to our future generations and their health. Plus, the dishonesty of the ACA sets a terrible example for our children. This is not how business is done by honest people.

We are in need of a corrective measure. This trend, unanticipated in the 1700’s, of mixing business with governance was never considered in the Constitution but it must be curtailed. People serving in government were expected to serve a term or two and return to the private sector. Public "service" was never meant to be a career or the road to riches.  It is the unschooled career politicians (and voters) who have caused gross massive debt which is bringing a great nation to it’s knees. We will survive, but painfully. I would propose an amendment to our Constitution prohibiting those people serving in government from engaging the government in ANY form of commerce. Call it the Divestiture Amendment  Give liberty back to the people from whom it was unjustly taken.

Government has no place in the marketplace.

Proposed Amendment:

No officeholder or employee of the government on any level, or person or agent paid by government, may use his or her office or job in government to engage in private sector commerce at the (any)  citizens' expense or engage government as a body to do so.

Government will take steps to divest itself of all such existing activity.

Remember... The people in government do have a rulebook. It's called The Constitution. They all swear an oath to follow those rules. The Bill of Rights was written to protect us from those in government. Now, we must do OUR part to earn those protections by ELECTING REPRESENTATIVES WHO SPEAK OUT and ACT against the intolerable acts of the current administration.

Experiments have shown that most people are no more than six contacts from any other person in the country. Everyone "knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy...". Do you know a guy? Pass it on. Direct it towards candidates for office. Help get someone engaged who can do something with this.



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