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      August 26, 2014  by  Deadman



Muhammad The Race Killer

It should seem clear to any observer that there is a reason why the followers of the false prophet Muhammad have fallen into such a deep abyss. Before Muhammad, the Arabs were a thriving people, ahead of most other cultures in the sciences, math, navigation, etc, as we are told by historians. What happened?  Along came a pretend prophet named Muhammad, a power hungry man with deep pockets full of psychological problems. This scenario is not new to man. Imagine these people, but with the name Nazzis should Hitler have had his way. 

Today they are marooned and lost in a world that has surpassed them. Sexual repression and insecurity dominates them. Women are treated like cattle or slaves. The fact that they believe that heaven, or paradise, consists of not even a year's worth of virgins  for eternity proves that their math skills are lost. They are not free to choose who their soul-mates will be as marriages are arranged for them. Love and compatibility are not a factor. Men are so insecure that they feel compelled to keep their women uneducated and hidden under robes and burkas so that no other man may gaze upon their faces or their bodies lest they be corrupted. Muhammad wanted to marry his cousin, so he wrote that inbreeding is OK for everybody. That has taken a great toll on the entire race.

Muhammad also wrote that it is right to kill anyone who does not agree with his version of religion. Modern Islam by Muhammadism has become a cult, not a religion. No religion in the modern world teaches such a violent code that violates man's free thought. No one can presume to tell another human what to think or believe. Beliefs must be a result of intellectual thought and consideration of ideas. Muhammad taught that it is OK to lie to non believers.

Today across the middle East they are slaughtering each other and anyone who holds even slightly different values. Of further concern is the fact that there are people in the US, people who otherwise preach tolerance and diversity, who support these sexually repressed barbaric Muhammadites (not to be confused with peaceful Muslims).

It is unfortunate that these people are so shut off from reality and civility. This entire generation of men are infecting the middle east so badly with their viral nature that the only remedy would seem to be their total extinction.                 


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