December 16, 2011  by  Bill Fairbanks    

Tea Party
(the original):  A protest event staged in Boston Massachusetts on  December 16, 1773 by America's first Community Organizers.  It was aimed at the British government and the East India Company which controlled all the tea imported into the American colonies. It addressed a taxation issue, the "Tea Act", because the colonists believed that it violated their right to be taxed only by their own elected representatives. It gave birth to the phrase "No taxation without representation."

When Boston's political leaders decided against returning a shipment of tea to England as some other colonies had done, the activists boarded the ship and tossed all the tea into the Boston harbor. This act led us into the Revolutionary war 2 years later and resulted in the founding of what was to become the greatest nation in the world. A nation whose success owed to guiding principles of the republic's Founders - the observation of God-given personal liberty and a small representative type government.

The Tea Party movement of today, which its media detractors continually try to present as a political party, can still be defined as a grass roots revolutionary movement led by Community Organizers. (The key word here being "Community" as opposed to greed based "union" organizers, "party" organizers,  or "Soros" type organizers.)

Today's movement took root as we began to see how the erosion of those founding principles coincides with the erosion of this nation's greatness and prosperity, ie our comfort level. The larger our government becomes, the less real representation the people can expect. Unelected and unaccountable "czars" and "regulators" cause greater government intrusion into our personal lives.  As more dictatorial powers are adopted by the executive office, regardless of political party, the worse our situation becomes. The D.C. beltway has become the most affluent neighborhood in the nation while the rest of the country is in decline. Those folks in Washington are sinking us right back into the European model that we escaped from 240 years ago. They wield altruism and guilt as a club to beat us free of our liberty.

Government is nourished by OUR money, the fruits of OUR innovation, OUR risk, and OUR labor. What is the guiding force behind human endeavor?  Nearly all of our activities and innovations share a single goal - to make our lives more safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Those people who grumble and complain about disparity of income, or have the audacity to call themselves "the 99%" when they probably represent only 2% at the very most, ignore the fact that they too had and still have an opportunity to prepare themselves for a better life.  Due to poor government school education, they have lacked the inspiration, foresight, and/or the ambition to do so, Now they are paying the price. They have been been told misdirecting lies about the root causes of their anger and are given false enemies to blame for their misery. Jealousy has been installed in them as a driving engine. They've been told they are "special" and that the world (other people) owes them a living.

Fortunately, it is never too late to better yourself. Opportunities are all around us. There are a multitude of people and companies, trade schools, and other non-government sources of help. I learned a new trade at age 60 and worked at a job I really enjoyed till I retired to start another new business of my own. The real 90+% are the people who are comfortable in the "middle class" earning a good living that provides the comforts and niceties of American life. And, why not ? There is little sense in the notion that you must become a billionaire to be happy in America, unless, of course, that is what you enjoy doing. In which case, Godspeed.  

  Here's a link to a great documentary about today's Tea Party Movement. "Intolerable" was produced by Doc Thompson, Skip Lacombe, and Matt Roman.

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