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Climate Change - the only constant in the universe

The planet Earth has been racing through space in the gravitational trail of its sun for hundreds of millions of years. It has endured shifting, emerging, and disappearing land masses, upheavals, earthquakes, monsoons, landslides, and floods. It has been hammered by meteors and seen repeated volcanic eruptions spewing tons of flaming debris, ash, smoke, gasses, rocks, and lava from its bowels out into the air and onto its surface. It has dealt with magnetic pole reversals, solar flares, sunspots, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, nuclear blasts, and ice ages. Forests have become deserts, deserts have become forests, and both deserts and forests have become ocean floors. Ocean floors rise to become mountain ranges. Entire animal species and human civilizations have come and gone leaving hardly a trace of their existence.

The only constant in the universe is change.

It is the height of arrogance and audacity to ignore all this and believe that the activities of some humans are killing the planet or changing its climate. Blaming it on CO2 (a trace gas) illustrates scientific ignorance. Doomsayers have been predicting doom since there's been a word for doom. More so today, since doom-saying has become such a profitable enterprise. (Wann'a buy a carbon credit?) So far, not a single Doomsayer has been right.  No doom yet.  That's a lousy track record. It seems clear that global warming (from the '90s) or global cooling (from the '70's) is strictly a political issue, not a scientific one.  "Climate Change" is the NATURAL condition of the planet (and the rest of the universe) and is certainly not a man caused problem, if it really is a problem at all. It is certainly not a situation we can change by passing more laws restricting human liberty and progress.

Almost all of human activities are directed toward the singular goal of  making our lives more comfortable and secure. We just need to continue cleaning up our act, but not at the expense of human comfort or freedom. The problems are simple and so are the solutions. Get political environmentalist profiteers like Al Gore out of the equation and let serious people do the work. So far, environmental activists have done as much, if not more, damage than good.

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Please read this letter that 99 PHDs sent to the U.N. seven years ago.


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