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  January 18, 2012    by  William L. Lump     

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What defines ownership ?
                                 Who REALLY owns your home ?

    Considering all the forms of taxation we are burdened with, why is a property tax necessary?  Clue: It's not to pay for schools or anything else. That's a convenient excuse, not a reason.  The property tax has a much different (and troubling) reason for existing. It is a control scam BASED ON THE LEGAL DEFINITION OF A "DEED", that uses your ignorance of the law to relinquish ownership of your property to the county and

leaves you, if you are not informed and prepared, in the position of a RENTER who can be EVICTED and thrown out onto the street. Yes, your property tax is the annual RENT you pay to occupy DEEDED property!  In reality, your DEED is more like a LEASE.  The Courts have agreed that a Deed shows only "color of title" and is NOT the ultimate proof of ownership.

This fact (due to public ignorance and suppression of legal information) opens the door to leveraged taxation. This means that the County government (they oversee ownership documents) can sell your property and issue another deed better than yours to anyone who comes up with the taxes you owe. The good news is that you CAN own your unleveraged property by Patent, the legal absolute ownership document that can not be topped in a court of law. There is no document the county can issue that is better than a Patent. You will always know where you are laying your head the next night. Your home is protected from debt and tax collectors.

It should be pointed out that if, at some point, you decide to borrow money on your property (get a mortgage) you will be required to relinquish your patent for a deed. Patent land can not be collateral for debt, a fact that speaks volumes.

So, why is a government bureaucracy acting this way? 
Isn't it comprised of our friends, neighbors, and sometimes
our  relatives, all supposedly dedicated to "public service"?
It is said that to see a situation clearly, you must 'follow the MONEY'.

Money is, after all, the single greatest driving factor in most human activity because more of it equates to more creature comforts, better lifestyle,  and security.  Who doesn't want that?

Bureaucracies are no different.  Our legislators, politicians,  law enforcers, judges, clerks, all government employees who make up this Giant multi-leveled Bureaucracy, are all human beings who rely on government's ability to take from others so as to give to them. That may sound cold, but the truth often bites like a coyote.

Obtaining a Patent is neither difficult nor expensive. Here's how.

LINKS to help you obtain a Patent  

How to Get a Land Patent | eHow.com

Arizona: Public Domain State: Patents after 1908 are in the process of being placed on-line check the site for current status and if not yet on-line or for patents prior to 1908 order from: BLM Arizona State Office, 222 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004-2203, Phone (602) 417-9200, Fax (602) 417-9556 Eastern Division of the BLM Office has duplicate Plats and survey field notes.

How to Get a Land Patent

1 Obtain certified copies of your warranty deed and the chain of title for your property. This is proof that you have all rights to the land you wish to receive a land patent for. Certified copies are issued from the county clerk's office where your land is located.

2 Obtain a certified copy of the county plat map where your land is located. This is to get the correct legal description, as the version listed on your deed may not be written in the manner you need. You may also hire a certified surveyor who has experience creating official plat maps.

3 Take all your documents to the Land Patent Records Office of the Bureau of Land Management and request certified copies of the land patent for the legal description of your property. There are regional offices you can file with as opposed to the main office.

4 Prepare a Declaration of Acceptance of the land patent. This document shows your acceptance of the original land patent as issued by the government.

5 Combine the Certified Land Patent, the Declaration of Acceptance of the land patent and the certified copy of your warranty deed, and file this document with the county clerk's office to solidify your right to the land you own.


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