The Relationship between
Same-sex Marriage and Global Warming

  Oracle  April 30, 2014


Well, someone had to make the connection ...  but you already expected that, didn't you?

I have no animosity toward homo type sexuals. I simply find their political actions, tactics, and philosophies disturbing. I hate no one and wish only peace for my fellow man. I bear no ill will on my neighbors or against those who believe in homosexual marriage. There are also people who believe in man-caused global warming, though there is really no such thing as either. Marriage is a physics term as well as a legal or religious one that describes the natural coupling or mating between two surfaces or two people, a nut to a bolt or a man to a woman. To describe a marriage as between two men or two women is as foolish as expecting two nuts to hold something together without a bolt. It is just as bogus a notion as man caused global warming. It is offensive to our language as well as our religions, just as global warming is offensive to science. Neither is personal. Both are just physical impossibilities (despite computer models).

This is still a free country where anyone, regardless of sexual preferences can believe whatever they want to believe. Any couple is free to play house and act as if married if that is what they want and agree on.  It shouldn't affect or disturb the rest of

 us  a bit. It's a private matter and not a cause for hate. Hate is a wasted emotion. Hate is harmful to a person's mental and physical health. I would only ask politely that homosexual activists don't bother me or my family and refrain from trying to force their values on us and others. Don't they see, that screams "Insecurity". I will honor their right to be whatever they want to be. Just don't get in my face about it. There are alternatives. Common law, Church marriage, state marriage are all in place, but just because something is legal does not mean you can force others to participate.

I, of course, expect them to honor my right to my opinions. They can call my opinions foolish and hate me if they wish. I don't care and I am not offended. It's not a crime because I am not a victim. If they are offended by things I say, too bad. There are therapists who treat these problems and, presumably, schools that still teach real science. I hate to break the news, but there will NEVER be a time when ALL people hold the same opinion about ANYTHING. And, there will ALWAYS be people who are angry and offended, who expect and believe that their gains must come at someone else's expense. Seek help.


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